July 8th, 2008 – Home

A lot happened between that July 4th, and July 8th, 2008. My international lawyer and now friend Dean Peroff, from Amsterdam and Peroff in Toronto, Ontario Canada had to deal with a Bulgarian government demand that $25,000 U.S.D. be paid to the relative of a Bulgaria prosecutor. The name of both the individual and prosecutor now escapes me [I will be listing names, documents, and videos later]. After 12 years and 6 months on not making any money, and losing millions in the interim, the $25,000 was something I could not pay. And frankly, the moral indignation at this government-sponsored shakedown made me want to stay in Bulgaria and legally challenge the payment of what is a Bulgaria government facilitated financial  “lien” on the body and person of a foreign national. This practice still continues to this day, where the government of Bulgaria will defacto imprison non-resident foreign citizens solely to extort money from them. More on that later.

Well, the Government of Canada was livid at the idea of me staying in Bulgaria and the possible danger to my life. And so was Dean Peroff and my family who wanted me back home. But I was equally as livid at not paying this extortion money for what was, and is, unlawful detention for debt. There are international treaties to collect civil judgments in other countries, it only requires registering the debt in the country where the debtor is resident. But keeping foreign citizens hostage for payment of a ransom, something right out of the middle ages is a better motivator than a foreign court order installment plan. The government of Bulgaria would not relent, and I had no money so the choice had already been made for me. As fate would have it, Dean Peroff stepped up and paid the $25,000 USD on or about July 7th, 2008 and I was on a plane the next day heading home.

There is more to my story, and slowly it will appear here.

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