Decisions, Decisions, How to Start?

I envy good writers. How wonderful and powerful it must be to sit down and create art with words. God blessed me with the ability to create visual images from the depths of my dreams or nightmares. Starting with a clean sheet of paper I could, quite competently, create something from nothing. Giving life and depth to a lifeless piece of white paper. It is my plan to share some of those later. But when it comes to an abstract subject to write with only words as your tool. Well, that I find very challenging.

So today is solely about taking a decision on what to write about. My choice was to write about writing and how difficult that can be. The difficulty apparent in the fact that I need to now stop to find a proper subject. But I suppose that is how this will progress. No different than a newborn child, who right out of the womb is forced to learn how to breathe the dry and cold air surrounding it and not the warm amniotic fluid of its mother.

No wonder we cry when we are born! I am ready to start crying now in my frustration as  I search for the subject and the words! Also making the time.

So until next time world, a fond adieu

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